18 Optimizations to Increase Online Sales During the Pandemic

Now we will help you optimize your e-commerce. If you already have an online store, you can make these adjustments to increase sales in this critical period. If you are starting an ecommerce, pay attention to these points for your planning.

For, here we bring you optimizations that you can implement with agility and throughout the customer’s purchase journey , from the beginning to the end of the process.

The intention is that you can make specific optimizations as quickly as possible to increase your online sales without wasting time. Continue reading!

1. Offer all the company information

According to the vast majority of Latin American legislation, virtual stores must provide clear and visible information to the consumer.

This information includes the Software Managers Email Lists company name, company name and legal entity number, physical address, and all product information—price, payment, exchanges, and returns—which must be in a “prominent and easily visible place.”

The law values ​​transparency , but transparency should not just be a legal requirement. Providing all the information to customers, in a clear and visible way, also transmits security for purchases.

The consumer is more vulnerable, not only because of the financial crisis that occurs as a result of the pandemic, but also because digital fraud has become more frequent.

2. Add security signals to your site

Software Managers Email Lists
If attacks and fraud are on the rise and consequently the consumer is more fearful, you need to make sure that your website is really safe for them.

One of the security signs of the website are the seals, provided by institutions such as Ebit, Buy & Trust, Claim Here, Certisign and Site Blindado. In some of them, you can register at any time and get your badge for free.

Another important procedure is to use an SSL Certificate , which activates the HTTPS protocol and displays a padlock in the browser bar .

This certificate guarantees the security of transactions and shows the user that they are in a protected environment. This measure, however, may require a little more time and investment.

The inclusion of links to the terms of use, data privacy and exchange, privacy and return policies are also signs that the user can trust your website.

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