2017: A year of Inbound Growth

Very few companies have a clear growth strategy that goes beyond just selling more. The increase in sales is necessary, but it is important to grow profitably, with a more efficient operation and with a focus on business results. How to achieve it? For GrowX Agency and for our clients, Inbound was the answer. 2017-a-year-of-growth-inbound In 2017 we transformed our value proposition, with the inbound approach being the driver of our growth strategy.

The Inbound methodology integrated transformation that we had in previous years and helped us focus on business results . “ Today we can say that GrowX Agency exists to help companies accelerate their growth, solving three business problems : generation of demand, increase in income and improvement of profitability ” . Why inbound? For some, Inbound is a fad; for us it is a transformation in response to how technology has changed the way of buying and, consequently, of selling.

The Experiences In Marketing And Digital

This is why in 2017 we decided to invest in Inbound for ourselves and integrate it into our value offer, to help our clients accelerate their growth. a-year-of-growth-inbound2.png The Inbound methodology fit perfectly into our focus on business netherlands phone number format results; it helped us transparently demonstrate ROI on our strategies and have predictable revenue. In addition, we managed to specialize our services in B2B companies and in the technology, health, education and industry sectors. Personal, professional and business growth In 2017, we understood that for our company to grow, all the people who collaborate in it must grow.

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Therefore, personal and professional growth became a constant both for GrowX Agency and for our clients. Currently, GrowX Agency is a Hubspot partner (the best inbound tool) and all of us who collaborate are certified in Inbound Marketing. This has allowed us to increase  up to 8 times, through the creation of valuable content that accompanies the different stages of the purchase process.

The Generation Of Leads For Us And Our Clients

This would not be possible without the great help of the great work team. Betty, Alex, Pablo, Alexis, Edgar, Alejandro, Doris. As well as Frida, Diana and David who from Hubspot, our great ally, have been key in our growth strategy. How are we going to grow in 2018? In 2018 we are going to help companies accelerate their growth. Through the generation of demand, increase their income and improve their profitability . Always with a focus on business results and creating bonds of friendship with our clients. There will surely be bumps in the road, but with a solid growth strategy. A capable team, we will meet the challenges that 2018 brings and grow 50%.

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