5 Big Positive Digital Transformation Trends for 2021

There are plenty of reasons to be glad to see the back. Of 2020, and plenty of reasons to look forward to 2021. In the world of digital marketing, too, the future. Looks bright. The coronavirus pandemic brought online technology to more people, as we all adjusted to. Working and socialising BS Leads and teaching our children from home. And, just as there was the sense that people. Began to rethink their values and remember what’s really important to them, so do social values and sustainability. Feature high on the digital agenda next year. Here are the digital transformation trends we think will dominate in 2021. Trend 1 – coming around again: the rise of re-commerce according to thredup’s 2020 resale report. The secondhand market will reach $64bn in value by 2024.

Trend 2 – Brands That Live Their Social Values

Resale, where people sell their. Pre-loved possessions, will overtake the traditional model of donating and buying goods at thrift stores. The second-hand trend has been given a push by the covid-19 crisis. Many consumers have had to tighten. Others will have found themselves rethinking China Mobile Number List their. Buying habits out of a shift in their values. Climate change and the waste and pollution that comes from over-consumption are issues that have been growing more urgent since well before the pandemic arrived. Digital-transformation-trend-rise-of-recommerce younger generations.

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Too Cool for School Personalised Online Education

Especially, care about these issues, and they seek out brands that have found ways to “close the loop” – keep things out of landfill by recycling and re-using, and use the earth’s resources in a more responsible, less wasteful way. Brands that know this and are embracing it include flat-pack furniture giant ikea, which recently launched a ‘take-back’ service that allows customers to bring their products back to the store to be resold, in return for vouchers. We think more brands will devise similar schemes in the year to come. Trend 2 – brands that live their social values to succeed in 2021 and beyond, brands will need to think about what their social values are and work out how to express them in an authentic way. The consumers of today care deeply about the world.

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