6. Automate Repetitive Processes

A 2017 HubSpot study showed that sales reps spend only a third of their workload on sales . What do they do the rest of the day and how to optimize the time of these professionals?

The answer lies in automation. It is possible to bet on two fronts: the acquisition of tools that really optimize the time and work of the sales team, such as marketing automation , which promotes lead nurturing, and the creation of more automatic campaigns.

Another possibility is the use of chatbots and live chats. That is a way to be where your customer is and answer their questions in real time .

7. Map objections before they appear

Even better than answering questions from leads and customers in real time, is being able to anticipate potential objections ; again, this is another strategy that relies heavily on post-sales engagement for potential feedback .

Before your customer requests specific information about a particular product, stopping the sales cycle until the answer is communicated, something as simple as creating a FAQ with frequently asked questions allows the Canadian CEO Email Lists purchase process to continue without major interruptions.

In addition, this type of information can guide the production of content that answers specific questions and that can be offered at each stage of the funnel.

8. Contemplate different devices throughout the day
There is a great possibility that your mobile is within reach at this time, and it is normal. Today, millions of consumers value their phone as the window to the world and, consequently, to shopping and consumption.

Surprisingly, however, many companies continue

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To neglect creating multi-screen strategies for their consumers .

When we say “strategy” we refer to the purchase day as a whole, that is, from the first contact to the closing of the sale . Don’t make this mistake!

The chatbot, email marketing and all other Inbound Marketing techniques , between those that we mention and those that we do not mention in this text, must work correctly on different devices.

It’s a shame that sales don’t close because a website isn’t mobile first or mobile friendly , right?

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