6 Digital Marketing Strategies In Real Estate Sector

Implementing digital marketing strategies in the real estate sector is a great business opportunity, since more and more buyers use the Internet to search for homes. digital-marketing-strategies-in-real-estate Regardless of whether your real estate is 50 or 5 years old, it is essential that you use digital marketing strategies if you want buyers to find you and stand out from the competition. Why? Studies indicate that people with an age range between 21 and 49 years old, still contemplate the purchase of a home and are the ones who most frequently use search engines. And just as we order a pizza online from our cell phone, now, buyers look for information about real estate, because the network has gained confidence.

So, how to direct your business to generate more sales and position yourself on the web? 6 Digital Marketing Strategies in Real Estate sales opportunities is by implementing one or more of these digital marketing strategies that we bring to you: 1. Optimize your website for mobile devices Remember that most people have a cell phone and many of them carry out all kinds of operations and searches with it. Making it easy to navigate your website through an attractive and pleasant design is essential to get customers. 2. Use social networks Social networks help create a link with your potential customers , because through this medium it is easier to establish a conversation and find out about their doubts, complaints and requests to enrich your buyer profiles.

The Best Way To Increase Real Estate

In addition, it will help you to gain visibility and popularity because it allows you to exploit different formats such as: photos, videos, live broadcasts, share content, etc. 3. SEM and SEO campaigns SEM campaigns are used to drive qualified traffic with purchase intent to your site. While SEO, use keywords in the content and your website to position yourself in search results organically . 4. Create a story around theĀ get nigeria phone number property Using a content marketing strategy will help you position yourself in search engines and create greater empathy with your customers. To do this, you must add keywords and as a recommendation, you can create stories about the properties with attractive titles, good quality images, and also diversify the formats: infographics, videos, webinars, guides, etc.

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Send personalized information via e-mail Although it is believed that the mail is not an effective means of gaining clients, real estate agents have a 26% opening rate when sending segmented information of interest to their ideal buyers. But, for this strategy to work, it is necessary to have our buyer persona well defined in order to know what content to send them, which will allow us to facilitate until they become a customer. 6. Add landing pages to your website Getting visitors to convert into leads and then converting them into sales opportunities sounds easier than it really is. However, there is a tool that can help you shorten this path.

Their Passage Through The Sales Funnel

A destination page or landing page uses a CTA ( call to action ) which is a button that invites the user to click through a content offer (ebook, guide), to redirect him to a form that will go to your database . After that, it is the task of your marketing team to verify if it is a qualified prospect, in relation to your ideal client or buyer persona criteria . Is it necessary to use all these strategies in my digital marketing plan? No. The selection of your strategies will depend on your current situation and business objectives . But using them together will undoubtedly help you scale in your industry and win more customers. If you are looking for a comprehensive strategy, learn more in this article: Inbound real estate marketing, how to do it?

Challenges that your real estate company faces There are certain characteristics of the market that make the real estate sector complex. Here are 3 main reasons: great competition Surely you have already noticed that. Nowadays, there is a great offer of real estate for sale in the market. Furthermore, many of these competitors are innovating their businesses, moving to digital platforms and employing tactics to attract customers online. Internet influenced the process of buying real estate Have you noticed that customers are better informed? The Internet has facilitated access to various sites that help the buyer to obtain and request information about real estate: blogs, social networks, websites, etc. We are dealing with a buyer who knows exactly what he wants and where to find it seller’s crisis.

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