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Being transparent in your employer ship is always a good idea in my opinion. It prevents negative talk in which employees gossip with each other about what is really going on within the company. Of course you can’t always be completely transparent about everything, but try Tongliao Phone Number to implement this as much as possible. A lot of communication with your team is also an important factor here.

If you work remotely a lot, as is increasingly common within online marketing agencies, it is extra important to be transparent in your communication. Via the digital route, noise can arise faster than face-2-face.

8. Say goodbye in style

Sometimes it does happen… an employee leaves your agency and it was a star player too. A number of processes then follow that are important to steer in the right direction.

  1. Stay positive and say goodbye in style. By this I mean that you continue to treat your departing employee positively until the last second and wish you every success in the future. Even if this is with a competing employer. The feeling someone leaves with is the feeling they keep talking about your company for years to come.
  2. Evaluate extensively with your departing employee. Have a conversation and ask questions about how he or she experienced working at your agency, what could be improved and why they chose to leave. This information will help you organize things even better in the future.

Sometimes a departure simply has nothing to do with your agency. For example, I once said goodbye to an Amazon Marketing specialist who wanted to do something completely different. He ended up in the field as an account manager. Sometimes it just is what it is.


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