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However, these pages can still be found in search engines. So it is better to remove them from robots.txt and add a noindex. Tag between HEADthe tags of the pages that should not be indexed. Remove Meta nofollow from selected pages Of course. This doesn’t apply to all pages that have the nofollow tag. But many nofollow tags are often added with the noindex tag by mistake. Removing the nofollow instruction will improve the flow of link authority and crawler access to the site. While search engines may not need to be indexed on these pages, linked pages may be indexed, so these links should be track.

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Dev Site in the index I love finding the still indexed staged page when auditing a potential customer’s site. This shows a lack of developer care and can be a great way to convince the client early on in Russia Phone Number List the collaboration. The best way to prevent your test environment from being indexed is to password protect it or restrict it based on the IP range. Some quick ways to find out if a development site is indexed on Google is to use advanced search operators, such as.

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Your XML Sitemap XML sitemaps are often forgotten unless they are automatically generated. Here are 3 quick tests that take less than 5 minutes in total: Check 1 – Is there a link to the XML Sitemap in the BS Leads robots.txt file? Search engines will always look for the robots.txt file in the root of the page. Therefore, adding a link to your XML sitemap in the robots.txt file tells all major search engines its location. Check 2 – Has Sitemap XML been added to the Google Search Console? Submitting an XML sitemap to Google Search Console ensures that Google can find and index it.

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