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Depression(Image source: Unsplash ) Internalization of negative experiences Many motivational speakers advocate giving your prospects a “no” answer. They cite the nonsense of rejection and encourage people to use fear of rejection as a motivation for further action, but rejection affects different people differently – some are relieved to take it, while others get discouraged by one “no.” Not only can rejection by potential customers have a negative impact on your emotional well-being, but also your interaction with toxic customers. If you work with the wrong clients a lot, it can have a negative impact on your future prospects.

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Depending on your personality and your ability to cope with difficulties interacting with other people, freelancing can make these skills worse. You won’t always have a pleasant, work-like relationship with your clients. Whether they are aggressive or unwilling to pay for the extra effort on your part, the more you experience these types of Jamaica Phone Number List interactions, the more experienced you will become in dealing with them. The beginning of customer management is tough until you feel like a competent professional. Until then, you may feel self-doubt and self-confidence. Attitude to work is also deteriorating. The first few weeks of working in a customer service position can be difficult.

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Trial and error learning is not a foolproof way to achieve BS Leads long-term success, and the insecurity you feel when working with new people can turn into self-doubt quite easily. Burnout Burnout(Image source: Unsplash ) Even if you don’t normally suffer from depression or anxiety, overwork and burnout can cause symptoms that resemble both. Burnout has symptoms similar to depression and anxiety: Negative attitude No motivation Low energy levels Difficulty concentrating Constant dissatisfaction with work or other activities Lack of sleep and / or poor sleep quality Seeking relief through external coping methods Unexplained physical problems.

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