According To Several Criteria: Are You My Target Audience?

Also see what has not worked for you, and what the competition in social networks fails. Thus, the Social Media Audit will give you many of the keys when designing content in the future. Use an Excel (or paper) (or both hahaha) Now, get to work creating your editorial calendar for social networks. The time has come. Choose the design you want and where to do it. I’ll tell you how I do it. I have an Excel with the editorial calendars, and I have the paper copy. Since I started this job almost 10 years ago, I still use paper. The posts you put on the calendar are not final. They can change in design, in copies, in temporary location. But no matter what changes you make, you will always have a guide to working with social networks.

Elements in your editorial calendar What do I include in my social media editorial calendar? *Title of the publication. *Descriptive copy. *Hashtags. *Link, if applicable. *Purpose of the publication. *Social networks in which it will be published. *Day and time to publish. *Metrics (we will add later). Metrics When the posts have gone out on their respective social networks, you have to see their performance. How have they worked? Choose well the social media metrics for each publication, and measure the final result. If you do, you will have benefits in the future, since you will know what things work for you, and what things are better not to repeat.

Ready To Design Your Social Media Calendar?

Now, at this point, you know how to create your editorial calendar for social networks . So get to work. You will see how it helps you improve the effectiveness of publications on social networks Always be willing to listen to customers and social fax number australia network users who request it. crisis plan in social networks online reputation crisis Conclusion: design your response protocol in a social media crisis As we have already seen in another online reputation post, monitor what are the frequently asked questions that users ask you on social networks, and also the most common complaints in the competition and in the professional sector.

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From there, prepare your standard question-answer protocol within your Social Network Crisis Plan . You got it? Also search for your brand name in other search engines. Monitor brand name + opinions The second key is to monitor online reputation in social networks by putting the name of the brand followed by the word opinions. Already on the first page of Google there are several results (others that are not on the screenshot, in addition) that speak of the “dark side of Ikea”, “don’t say Ikea, say hell”. The brand has to monitor these things in order, according to its Social Network Crisis Plan , to act accordingly. Choose the social networks of the company Not all brands have to be on social networks, and those that are, do not have to have a presence on all of them. It all depends on the goals you have, and what social networks help you achieve them.

Determine Which Social Networks To Be Ability

You my competition? Do I have the ability to create and grow with my content on that social network? Types of social media marketing strategies with examples 1. Quality content You have to design an editorial calendar with content that you can publish, but that is relevant, useful and high value-added content. Content marketing is essential to BS Leads attract visibility in social networks to your brand, being one of the most effective marketing strategies for social networks. There is a lot of competition every day to post on social networks , and it is not easy to attract attention. Therefore, it is good that you edit and publish high-quality content on your social networks.

For example : Gain interaction Social media is not just for posting. If you want to have a participatory audience, you have to work on it every day. If you are generous with third-party content that you find useful, they will be generous with you. Also, you have to get out of your social media accounts, your company accounts, to participate in other social media accounts, and attract quality leads and followers to your social media accounts.For example, if in the Twitter example above to exceed 1% engagement, we’ll need to track multiple metrics: period favorites, shares, comments, link clicks, replies, all broken down for the reach of our Twitter posts, to then get the percentage of the engagement rate.

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