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Never quits working for more than a couple of days at a time. If he does he loses money! Unlike those of us in MLM, our friend doesn’t have a business team growing Malaysia Phone Number while he’s away. His business depends on his efforts. He has to manage his employees. He’s got no FREEDOM. If you’re the typical ‘S quadrant’ small business owner you don’t have the luxury of leaving your business alone. If you shut the door of your store or you’re not there for your service business, what happens? There’s no business, no clients, no ‘sales force’ multiplying, no income because you’ve got no leverage.

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On the other hand, according to Kiyosaki, “Network Marketing is a B quadrant business.” When you put together a ‘sales force’ of like-minded business owners, all with the same goal of LEVERAGING their business and their lives, something wonderful starts to happen! The business starts to multiply, multiply and multiply some more. This happens without you even being there! I have a sales force that is literally multiplying on it’s own because of the efforts I put in many years ago. There were many people with this sales force that attended a recent company event.

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Receive a nice check in the mail every single month because of the efforts of these business people! You can literally make money while you’re sleeping! There’s nothing like having an organization multiplying in Australia. Because while sleeping here in the USA it’s the NEXT DAY downunder! The business starts to take on a force of its own. Everyone knows what to do because the business owner whom you show how to get leverage, in turn shows other business owners how. This skill continues to be passed down to the next business owner and so on and so forth until.

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