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Accusing of violating Greece Phone Number fas to investigate whether google. Was abusing its dominant position in the android mobile platform. On the evening of february 20, fas said it had launched. An antitrust investigation into google. One ride-hailing app accused two other ride-hailing apps. And one search engine accused the other Greece Phone Number search engine. Not to mention whether the defendant is really a “monopoly. We can see that due to the serious homogeneity of product. The competition between internet companies has fallen. Into an inextricable quagmire. And they have to resort to the government’s “arbitration judgment. What does accusing a competitor of a “monopoly” get you?

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Bring to each other? There is a Greece Phone Number saying in the art of war that “attack it will save you”. As competitors, they are familiar with each other’s operation process and understand. Each other’s pain points, and this can be a breakthrough. For counterattacking each other. And they naturally know the government. And what role it plays in it. Many times Greece Phone Number they deal with the government cautiously, lest a single spark will provoke ruthlessness. And a fire will burn like a “fast broadcast”. But when you are caught in a stalemate of a disadvantage in the fierce competition. Then relying on the power of the government. To get rid of the cruel competition is also a good way. And at the same time buy yourself a little time to breathe.

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See accusations of didi and kuaidi. Didi dache and kuaidi dache have Greece Phone Number a combined market share of over 90%. Before the merger, didi and kuaidi, as two giants, competed abnormally. Making each other overwhelmed and wasting a lot of energy and resources. In this case, other taxi software such. As yidao can naturally survive in the cracks. However, when the two merge one day, one market is dominant and various Greece Phone Number resources are integrated. Even if it does not do the monopolistic behavior. Of “eliminating and restricting competition”, the living space. Of other opponents will be compressed. Which is not what they want to see . Therefore, we can only draw from the bottom. Allow you to merge, and continue to maintain the status quo.

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