Arm yourself against cybercriminals

On days such as Valentine’s Day, when website visits and the number of online purchases also increase sharply, you also have to deal with unwanted online visitors. For example, if a malicious person logs in with stolen data. Then you better have taken some precautions. Measures to nip the interest of cybercriminals in the bud so that it is soon over. Online shopping has gained momentum in recent years.

Guard your security

Also because of the lockdowns, organizations were forced to invest in things such as a website, webshop, an online portal and apps. Everything to be able to serve the customer efficiently despite the limitations. The downside of these developments Cameroon WhatsApp Number List is that these resources provide access to the great love of many cybercriminals: data. Personal data, such as name, address, date of birth, e-mail address and account number are popular data.

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Be careful

They provide opportunities for identity theft, fraud, blackmail or bank account looting. For example, most know that Pandora sells jewelry. And it’s likely that around Valentine’s Day, you might want to buy something from them. The cybercriminal thinks so too, and last year counterfeited a Pandora campaign and in this way brought the potential target group to a fake Website.

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