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Have also aimed at this market, such as Colombia Phone Number. Relying on its own smart tv platform, and kuyun. Relying on mobile phone platforms. Tv and other products expected to provide. Users with a better live tv viewing experience in the form of social tv. In order to increase users’ stickiness to their own products. However, we can also Colombia Phone Number notice that these applications. Also have a shortcoming, that is, the number of users. Due to their own platform limitations has developed. Relatively slowly, but this is also the advantage of wechat’s shake function. Only need to open wechat in the shake. Interface, you can easily obtain information related to the current tv program. And even benefits such as red envelopes by shaking the phone.

The Threshold Is Colombia Phone Number

Much lower than the need to download apps Colombia Phone Number or buy a new smart tv before. Therefore, “shake a” “shake” is likely to drop the previous social tv applications or functions directly to ott, and the teams that are still trying to develop social tv applications through smart tv and mobile apps need to re-examine Colombia Phone Number their product ideas? ? For the tv viewership survey market with “strong chinese characteristics”, will “shake it” reshuffle. From a technical point of view in the audience rating research market, the traditional method has been operating in china. For many years and dominated by cctv-sofre (csm), but it has only a mere 61,100 sample households and the complex. Statistical calculation method criticized and controversial.

Here We Will Colombia Phone Number

Colombia Phone Number

Constantly, discuss whether the Colombia Phone Number existing rating. Calculation method reasonable (after all, this matter already complicated enough to write a book), here. We should pay more attention to the “shaking. Brought about value: not only is the sample group much larger than the existing survey sample. But the data hardly polluted. And the authenticity can guaranteed. The real social relationship of wechat is no longer. A problem for the definition of the sample family. In addition, the precise user geographic location. Also contributes¬† Colombia Phone Number enough information to the sampling. More importantly, now we can finally measure the viewership ratings in time.

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