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Hybrid working for executives But there is a fourth element, namely that of management and executives. It is associate with all three ‘levels’. The management of teams and the organization in hybrid working also requires different things. It requires a move from management to (coaching) leadership. With more attention to how people feel , whether they get enough physical and mental relaxation, in addition to whether they have the right tools for the work.

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It also demands from managers even more vision for the longer term, an example of desire behavior and confidence in employees that they can do their job best, and that as a manager you sometimes just have to get out of the way. Not every Pakistan WhatsApp Number List manager is like that and will be able or willing to learn it. Maybe he is no longer in the right place. You may then have to take a step back, and I don’t think that’s a shame — it shouldn’t be label as such in an organization either.

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The role of the digital work environment is increasing In one of my previous articles. I went into more detail about the role of the digital work environment for hybrid working organizations . And that this role is broader and deeper than ‘just’ digital collaboration. The digital work environment is there to support internal digital communication, service provision and collaboration. The digital work environment is not ‘just’ a communication or community platform.

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