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Although counterfeit goods completely Vietnam Phone Number eliminated. At least everyone must see the determination. To crack down on counterfeiting. Trend analysis not long ago. Alibaba and the state administration for industry. And commerce accidentally “fighted” and refused to give in to each other. Although the incident Vietnam Phone Number ended with the director. Of the state administration for industry and commerce meeting with jack ma, what was not expected. Was that the incident not only triggered. Seven companies in the united states. The class action lawsuit by the law firm also led to a series. Of chain reactions such as the sharp drop in ali’s stock.

From the Perspective Vietnam Phone Number

Of the industry, the stock price fluctuations Vietnam Phone Number give jack ma a good face. As a result, e-commerce companies. Such as ali”forced” to reform their internal systems. On january 28, Taobao announced its establishment. Of a 300-person “anti-counterfeiting special warfare battalion. Yun emphasized Vietnam Phone Number in hong kong that Taobao. Has invested more than 2,000 people to fight counterfeiting. However, industry insiders complained. That anti-counterfeiting does not rely on big sticks and shows. If taobao’s internal system not reformed. No amount of anti-counterfeiting teams will help. In fact, the biggest problem in china’s domestic e-commerce crackdown is the system.

After Purchasing Vietnam Phone Number

Vietnam Phone Number

For consumers, counterfeit goods, they faced. With extremely Vietnam Phone Number high rights protection costs. In the end, the entire rights protection link that is difficult to operate efficiently. Forces consumers to give up rights protection. Who can save consumers, as taobao, do their part; at the same time, tmall,, yihaodian, etc. It hoped that in Vietnam Phone Number the year of the sheep, e-commerce companies can take the lead. In cracking down on counterfeiting and cooperate. With government authorities to eliminate counterfeit goods and their sources. Otherwise the capital market will be the first to refuse! Changing cattle with sheep – patents become a new competition point for domestic.

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