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How to improve your product listing on amazon1.  Argentina Phone Number first things first: step into the shoes of a9stepping into the shoes of a9 – an. Amazon subsidiary – will help you dissect the details of amazon seo. A9 is the mastermind behind amazon’s complicated search algorithm. It is a9’s role to ensure that customer queries match relevant products in the amazon catalog. So if you Argentina Phone Number have any clue as to how they rank products in search results, you’ll know the kind of extensive keyword pruning and tuning required to get your product listing into the top search results.

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Data to Learn What a User Sees After entering Argentina Phone Number a search query and juggles product listings accordingly. And this data includes search terms (keywords) range of selection (color, models, etc.)product price stock availability sales history customer reviews volume of clicks all of the above data falls into two categories: performance factors and relevance factors. Relevance factors: these are calculat based on the use and positioning of keywords. In other words, it depends on how well a product matches the search query. Performance factors : these are a series of signals that amazon takes into Argentina Phone Number account to. rank products based on how much money they will make doing so.

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Argentina Phone Number

These signals include ctr (click-through rate), Argentina Phone Number conversion rate, and overall sales. 26 The Heart and Soul of Amazon Seo Hopefully, you have already measured this, that keyword placement is critical from an amazon seo perspective. So, your first step should be to create a huge list of long-tail keywords. Once that’s done, you need to sort out the best from the top performers, because not all keywords are of equal importance. Thus, only the most valuable should be taken into account and the rest discarded. Check out this general rule for keyword placement in amazon listing optimization: product title. Argentina Phone Number the product title is one of the most critical relevant factors.

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