And Almost Unanimously Cayman Islands Phone Number

And almost unanimously said that Cayman Islands Phone Number. Become the savior of the spring festival gala. Social tv is no longer a false proposition. And “dual-screen interaction is about to become a big hit”. For a time, “shake the tv” seems. To have become the salvation of the spring festival. Gala ratings and social media. The savior Cayman Islands Phone Number of the tv concept…but there are many specious concepts in it. Before we get to the main topic, let’s talk about individual things. Has the spring festival gala really been reduced to the point where no one is watching. Over the years and needs to be “shaken. By wechat to save it? It may not be rational to answer this question purely by feeling.

CCTV Publishes Relevant Cayman Islands Phone Number

Fortunately, data on its official website Cayman Islands Phone Number every year. So we first put the data to make sense. From the table, we can find that from 2001 to 2014, the ratings have basically fluctuated around 32%, and have declined in the past two years. One of the important reasons is that due to the addition of synchronous Cayman Islands Phone Number live broadcast of video websites. Users can live programs can watched synchronously on the screen of a PC. Mobile phone or tablet computer, and can also be watched or on-demand at the wrong time, resulting in a diversion of tv viewing that night: according to data provided by industry stakeholders, during the seven-day spring festival holiday, the spring festival gala shows on the tv side.

The Replay Viewership Cayman Islands Phone Number

Cayman Islands Phone Number

Has risen by 3 points, the online on-demand Cayman Islands Phone Number.  Viewership is basically five times that of last year, and the seven-day overall multi-screen. Viewership has increased by 5.44 percentage points over last year. Objective data can tell us that it should said that such a party has not fallen to the point where it needs to find a savior for itself. Let’s get back to the topic: in addition to getting more attention and use of wechat through the spring festival gala, what kind of impact will wechat bring to the once-familiar “tv” after the “shake”? From the Cayman Islands Phone Number perspective of content source, the involvement of wechat is likely to change the way of programming and promotion.

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