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By transforming analytics and understanding of interaction scenarios into predictive web content. You will cultivate fair and timely connections . And your brand will be present where and when it is needed with relevant solutions and offers. The following two tabs change content below. Organic last entries my twitter profile melina diaz creative communication at fuego yámana creative communication in . Graduated in social communication and specialized in cultural journalism.

Passionate about writing and art. Your brand management should not be just a logo but an integral experience by melina diaz | jul 11. 2017 | branding brand management as an integral experience -brand management is not a matter without worries. It is a fundamental element for any business that wants to succeed in the market. And despite the fact that. Too often. Logo design is treated as interchangeable with branding. The truth is that they are not the same.

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By settling for just seeing the name of your company dyed in colors or abstracted into a symbol. Many firms overlook the true potential of what a comprehensive corporate identity experience Jamaica phone number can achieve . Why is jumping and looking beyond a logo so difficult for a company? What are the reasons why a deeper communicational work is necessary ? How is it possible that even the best achieved commercial emblem does not generate the expected results?

In this post. We will address all these questions and give you some escape routes so that you do not pigeonhole your thinking only in a graphic sign. There are several companies and entrepreneurs who have come to fuego yámana asking for “a new brand” . Typically. This request means giving the project a name. Assigning a representative icon. Or revamping the visual look of your merchandising . And the taste of little that we have left is quite bitter because people think that corporate identity begins and ends there .

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And that once your name shines . You can put it in your email signature or in the upper margin of the background of your page. Website. And voila! List the new brand. But. Much  a creative agency is to disabuse clients of this notion. Brand management is much more than a logo : it is an integral. Strategic and indivisible whole. And the totality of what the company states or communicates is part of its branding .

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