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And just relying on the keywords of “politics + suspense. Can make a director Kazakhstan Phone Number with poor skills write a wonderful script. The most important determinants of entertainment. Products are still inseparable from Kazakhstan Phone Number inspiration and creativity. But technology provides the basis for creative improvement. And turns it into a quantifiable indicator. For the “patient time” of internet users, youku gives an exact 45 seconds. If the content exceeds this time and the attraction. Of the content has not been generated. Then the user can only drag the progress. Bar or even close the entire video in exchange. These data provide support for the adjustment. Of self-made programs.

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On the internet, entertainment Kazakhstan Phone Number content is iterating at a faster rate. The adjustment process of traditional tv may take as long as half a year. Some programs with flexible mechanisms have also begun to value social media communication and user behavior analysis of video websites. Based on traditional Kazakhstan Phone Number viewing data alone, it is no longer possible to immediately respond to the changing tastes of audiences. The production standards built by traditional film and television through large investment, long time, and exquisite production have been deconstructed by the fragmented reading, rapid iteration, and word-of-mouth communication mode of the internet.

Technology Redefines Kazakhstan Phone Number

Kazakhstan Phone Number

The rules of the game on the whole, the role Kazakhstan Phone Number of technology in this wave of industrial revolution is to redefine the rules of the game. As an indispensable and important variable, it will not only affect the channel, but also change the insight and creative ability of the participants. Content that affects culture. As a technology Kazakhstan Phone Number company serving entrepreneurs, since 2014, we have found that cultural and entertainment products have gradually increased on the qiniu cloud storage platform. Including singer hu yanbin’s music education application. A large number of new projects have been born, confirming that cultural entertainment will lead the next wave of entrepreneurship.

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