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Are all too trivial things, and i don’t want to discuss them. My former employer, caixin media, has also invested heavily. In environmental UK Phone Number and smog reports. And has produced a number of professional. And exclusive reports, including cover reports. Such as “the smog killer”. It is hard to say that there are no flaws. But it is also UK Phone Number worthy of respect. And some influence is still very good. Seeing a caixin executive commenting on “under the dome. He said: “to be honest, the content and opinions. Of this video, the reports of our caixin environmental team. Have been written by the vast. Majority (don’t dare to say all), and some of them are our original creations.

But After All, UK Phone Number

Its influence is much greater than ours. There is nothing to say about it. We can only learn chai jing’s communication skills and handling UK Phone Number of technical aspects.” i have sympathy. Why? And is it just dealing with communication skills and technical links? Many other media have done smog reports. After leaving cctv, chai jing, who is in her UK Phone Number personal capacity, used a language that the public can understand to achieve a popular science. The deepest one. So, what is the language that the public understands at the moment? Language itself is not only words, but also not only sounds, pictures, and symbols for information expression.

In a Language UK Phone Number

UK Phone Number

That the public can UK Phone Number understand. Will it called another kind of flattery? We so constrained by traditional journalism frameworks and practices that we limit our cognitive. Boundaries and frameworks in the age of new technology applications. I have always encouraged tmtpost journalists and tmtpost. Writers to pursue UK Phone Number personalized professional writing. With greater breadth and stickiness. I never summarize what kind of writing is most effective. For the public, as long as it personalized creation.supported by professional knowledge. The practice of “under the dome” is precisely the release. Of individual writers with professional abilities, the release of personalized energy. The creation of non-traditional journalism content through self-media.

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