As a good software engineer, I understand the need for a referendum very well

Anyone who has used Microsoft Office software all the year round knows that this software will be revised every few years. The functions we used well suddenly disappeared. After searching for a long time, we found out which functions had gone to another corner, as if we were playing hide-and-seek. And then we would swear and say, “Damn it!

The old version of Microsoft Office from ten years ago is better

Why does Microsoft Office Slovenia Phone Number need to be revised? It’s because Microsoft makes too much money, and if a company makes too much money, it’s a matter of course to hire more top engineers. And if a software company has a lot of top-level engineers, these engineers will definitely find something to do if they have nothing to do. Even if the original product is no problem and works well, they will find a way to revise it. Revamped to justify their existence.

Only with the revision, will they have the opportunity for promotion and salary

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increase. Third, the political principle is the same. Representative democracy was working well in the first place. Every few years, everyone elected some executive heads and representatives of public opinion, and asked them to help us with some complicated matters. And if we think they are doing badly,

We will vote for them to step down and replace them in the next election. arrow_forward GliaStudio But there are so many top universities in Taiwan, so many top political scholars, and so many outstanding young people who are interested in politics. They can’t be idle every day, so they decided to help our political system. Make a revision. In addition to the original election

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