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Before moving on to the explanations about Bolivia Phone Number DNS record management, it is worth remembering that DNS stands for domain name Bolivia Phone Number system and is used to point a website’s domain to the server’s IP address. DNS, which helps direct traffic on the Internet  connecting domain names to real servers, tries to connect the  Bolivia Phone Number entered in the web browser to the IP address of the server where that website’s data is stor. DNS allows you to change your hosting provider without changing domain names.

Every Website Bolivia Phone Number Specific

With domain names ensures that traffic to Bolivia Phone Number your domain is properly rout both to the website and to email. DNS records associate a domain name with a web-based service. The primary purpose of DNS records is to make your website searchable Bolivia Phone Number and accessible on the internet. This happens through a series of actions that point a Bolivia Phone Number domain name to your server’s IP address. Every website has a specific IP address, and DNS records map that IP address to the domain name, so users don’t have to remember.

Bolivia Phone Number

The numeric Bolivia Phone Number values

​​That correspond to domains. NS (Name Server) are Bolivia Phone Number servers very similar to web servers. However, they are configur to store DNS records instead of serving websites or web applications. NSs must be specified by the domain registrar. Whenever Bolivia Phone Number you want to change any DNS records, you must also change the DNS records in the NSs. When Bolivia Phone Number makes changes to your DNS settings, you must ensure that the correct NSs are enabl. The nice thing about DNS records is that they allow you to protect your domain even if you change servers. However, when you migrate to a new server or hosting.

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