B2b Digital Marketing Strategies

For each of these you should be clear about its value from the customer’s perspective . The next step will be to define your current competition. Identify Currently, how do they meet your needs? What options are available to you? It is important that when you begin to develop your value proposition, you consider not only your direct competitors, but also their substitutes. For example, Netflix.

Among its direct competitors would be Amazon, Apple, Disney, HBO, Hulu, Blim, etc, but there are also others, with which the user would be satisfying the need for entertainment, for example, cable television, cinemas, open television , videos on YouTube, Facebook, even illegal platforms. Having clarity about the current direct and indirect competitors, you can begin to answer, how can I help my clients to better solve their needs and/or problems? A second question that is worth answering in this exercise is: Why?

Your Direct And Indirect Competitors

Why does a person need your product and/or service? By solving this question you will have much more information and different perspectives how to get an indian number of your competitors and substitutes. >> Learn how to develop a human-centered value proposition B2B digital strategy, identify moments of need, develop key messages and define digital channels Making decisions based on the intention of consumers is one of the keys to boosting the growth of your company .

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Consumers transition from an offline environment to a digital one with just a few clicks. For example, a Systems Manager is responsible for buying computer equipment for his staff. He would be in charge of looking for the products and carrying out the transaction or are there intermediaries involved, for example the Purchasing Manager or the General Manager? How could you know? You must know your clients, develop actions that accompany decision making . To do this, identifying moments of need is key.

How Would He Make The Purchase?

How to identify the moments of need of the prospects? The products or services that people search for, the websites they visit, the interactions on social networks, the calls, the contact with sales, not only express intention, but are also transforming the conversion funnel of conventional marketing . Today’s shoppers are in control of their shopping journey and can explore thousands of brands and products at any given time. Continuing with the previous example, why will the Systems Manager buy the computer equipment?

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