Backlinked Domains Country Code Tld

The ccTLD is a ranking factor for geolocation (see point 6). In the case of backlinks, Google analyzes this element in the domain in which the backlink is inserted to understand in which region the linked page is more relevant.

113. Keyword in page title
If your keyword is in the title of the page that gave you the backlink, all the better for ranking! It probably means that they are two experts on the subject.

114. Backlink Earning Speed Google analyzes the speed

Of obtaining backlinks. If it is positive, the site is becoming more relevant to the market; if it is negative, it means that the site has remained stable and is losing relevance.

115.Wikipedia backlinks
Wikipedia links are nofollow, so they do not convey authority. However, if your site appears as a reference for an article on the web, you can earn points with Google, in addition to attracting traffic.

116. Backlink Age
Older backlinks tend to Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists carry more weight for Google than newly created ones. On the other hand, it is also true that recent backlinks show that your site has not been lost in time and that it is still relevant.

117. Page Refresh
Backlinks from recently published or more frequently updated pages can convey more value. Google likely understands that links from old or outdated pages may have lost relevance.

118. Number of outbound links on the page
The number of outbound links can affect the level of authority that the page conveys, as PageRank is divided among all backlinks.

119. Content  Length Google understands that long

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Content is often deeper and offers more value to the user (see factor 40). Therefore, you tend to convey more authority through backlinks.

120. Sitewide links
Sitewide links are those links that are repeated on the pages of a website (about us, contact, etc.). According to Matt Cutts, Google counts these links as just one, so site-wide backlinks also count only once.

Algorithm rules
Google’s algorithm also has some rules, related to search and user context, that go into ranking factors. Let’s see what they are:

121. User location
The user’s location is one of the main ranking factors for Google , especially for local searches. If the user searches for “pizzeria”, they will see results close to where they are.

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