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After uploading, you can check if Google is able to find your website urls. Has the XML Sitemap been add to the Google Search Console? Check 3 – Are there any errors in the XML sitemap? The URLs in the sitemap should neither redirect nor return errors – each page should return a 200 OK status code. Search engines can ignore your sitemap entirely if it contains too many errors. You can check for errors in your sitemap by checking the Google Search Console after submitting your XML sitemap. An XML sitemap can also be downloaded in Screaming Frog by selecting Mode > List > Submit > Download XML Sitemap.

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Remove old content from the index When was the last time you viewed your outdated comet. Such as contest pages for contests that ended in 2017? Seeing which content is indexed on Google can bring Poland Phone Number List technical SEO benefits such as improved indexing and indexing, so this is an important area to consider. For example, if hundreds of outdated blog posts are indexed. Search engines may waste their budget indexing those pages while they might be dealing with more important pages. When we talk about SEO, we think that only written content is the key to having perfect SEO optimization; however, video transcription also plays a significant role in this.

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SEO strategies that involve video signing and transcription have a direct impact on how search results will appear on your website. In other words, you can think of video SEO as an extension of your SEO BS Leads strategy. According to research, more than 86% of consumers will be consuming video content by the end of this year, and 82% of all internet traffic will be video content. Knowing these facts, there are a few simple questions to answer. How to make the most of this advantage and what are the proven SEO benefits of video transcription.

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