Bonus: How to Use Interactive Content to Speed Up the Sales Cycle

It all has to do with knowledge.

Therefore, Check out these 3 tips for creating better sales with interactive content:

1. Share valuable information with your sales team

If you created an interactive calculator or evaluation to engage prospects. All the data collected in this interactive experience is valuable information. That your sales team can take advantage of.

Experiences built with ion can track exact points of engagement, allowing your. Sales team to learn more about customer pains and challenges .

They can focus on specific points in a follow-up call. Eliminating the need to ask questions the prospect has already answered.

2. Create pieces that ask the right questions

An evaluation is great content to use if you want to give your sales team specific ways to start a conversation. Take, for example, an assessment that ScribbleLive created about Content Maturity .

The Canadian CFO Email Lists user is involved with the evaluation, providing essential information about their Content Marketing experiences and their goals for the future.

Ask the right questions and you’ll get answers that help you personalize your sales conversations.

3. Get hooked from the start

Canadian CFO Email Lists

Our latest report with Demand Metric found that 78% believe it is important to engage the user early in the day .

After that,  Keep in mind that the sooner you engage with the consumer, the better . After that,  Use the insights you’ve gained to offer follow-up content based on the prospect’s goals or needs, and use different types of interactive pieces to support the stage of the journey they’re in.

Sales efficiency is an important goal for different companies.

As you have seen, it is possible to find solutions that value agility without disrespecting the consumer’s journey or neglecting lead nurturing.

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