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Both online offline perhaps for many Lithuania Phone Number other vertical social applications. It is more important to focus on the online experience. But what is very different about food social. Is that it is a typical application product with solomo attributes. Users based on food hobbies can share and interact with food online. But the Lithuania Phone Number precipitation and long-term development.of social relations must be able to sink offline, and they. Must be able to land and be grounded. Because the experience of gourmet food can only. Be achieved offline, and offline dating activities. Can truly precipitate user relationships. Which requires very high localization and high requirements for offline restaurant resources, and this is precisely.

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That is difficult for general food social Lithuania Phone Number applications. It is necessary to have both an offline team and offline restaurant resources. At this time, the radiation breadth of the region. The size of the user scale, and the Lithuania Phone Number of restaurant. Resources cannot be maximized at the same time. So the remaining advantages are very few. 3. Development prospects of food social applications 1. There are many audiences and users, and the market size is large. The cornerstone of food networking is food. And the just need to eat, the scale of eating, combined. With the current hot o2o is enough to create a huge imagination space.

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Lithuania Phone Number

Group buying model of meituan Lithuania Phone Number and dianping, covering hundreds of millions of mobile users. The valuation of dianping has reached as much as 2 billion us dollars after. Tencent’s investment, and meituan will only be higher. In addition, take-out model, taodian’s pre-ordering model. And other catering marketing models all prove the scale of the catering industry, and even a segmented entry point. Has a market Lithuania Phone Number of more than 100 million us dollars. Because the size of china’s catering market is more than 2 trillion per year, although the catering industry. Is facing transformation and recession this year. This is also an opportunity for catering internet companies.

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