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To match the specific holiday, lilies for Easter, poinsettias for Christmas, and so on. A you have a marketable inventory, you will need to set- up in a good location. If you choose the wrong location your business will not be successful. For flower vending, the two Germany Phone Number best-selling locations are restaurants and roadsides/street corners. Restaurants are good selling locations if they attract large lunch and dinner crowds. Especially good restaurant locations are those with specific themes.

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Restaurants are usually profitable locations for flower vendors. You’ll also find successful flower vendors in upscale lounges and taverns. In general, restaurants and lounges with a quiet and romantic ambiance, are usually conducive to flower vending. Many restaurants are attracted to the idea of flower vending at their places of business because it offers an extra ‘romantic’ touch to their service. Usually, the management of a restaurant will charge the flower vendor only a nominal fee. In some cases, the fee may simply be a few flowers to arrange and display.

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For street-selling locations, freeway exits and stoplights on main streets are preferred. These areas represent the highest amount of traffic therefore, the largest number of potential customers. Ideally, your locations should be along streets, highways and exits that feature a great deal of late afternoon and/or early evening rush hour traffic. These conditions are ideal if you can find an area where the traffic must come to a stop, or at least has to slow down. Your location must be plainly visible so that oncoming drivers will be able to see you in enough time to get out of traffic and pull off the road. It is important that you stay away from roadside locations that could limit the ability, or desire, of your customer.

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