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NFO survey in 2002. Among the affluent established business owners category for example (48% of the estimated total 9.5 million owners are considered Sweden Phone Number affluent), the number planning to retire was expected to show a sevenfold increase from 50,000 per year in 2001 to 350,000 in 2005 (2) and to rise as high as 750,000 by 2009. While the initial years of the wave (2004-2009) may see an increase. In buyers as younger baby boomers and later generations seek to transition.¬† Of corporate jobs and buy their independence, starting in 2010 as the overall population of baby boomers ages. They will move to overwhelming ‘sell’ mode.

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And qualified buyers of private businesses does not increase. The expansion of the number of businesses for sale  likely to depress the values for private businesses. The glut may well be exacerbat an increase in the number. of businesses that would normally transition within the family being forc to go to open market sale. Fully a third of family enterprises expect to pass on the business within the family. But this strategy may not be feasible for a number of reasons. Apart from lack of expertise.

Sweden Phone Number

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Requirements to run the family business, surveys are suggesting that fewer young people want to take on family businesses. When a family sale or internal sale fails the seller must seek a buyer in the open market where they are likely to discover that it is worth far less than they had hoped for. All of the warts and moles of a company are only too apparent to a professional buyer applying a due diligence check. Decreasing pool of skill people As birth rates decline and people live longer and retire earlier, the pressures of an aging population are shar many countries worldwide. There are implications for business owners.

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