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Even better than the financing plans offered, some of. The manufacturers have business start-up programs. To help you along the way. They will provide you with a complete carpet cleaning business plan, numerous advertising materials, a regular newsletter featuring Philippines Phone Number business ideas from all the buyers of their equipment, and low-cost supplies. Before actually starting work in your carpet cleaning business. You should register your business or company. Name with your county clerk. The cost for this is nominal, and you will receive a registration certificate or card. Which you will need to open a bank account in your company name.

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To a few business insurance agents to get complete business insurance against damage to any of your customers’ carpets or accidents in their homes. Being able to state “All work fully in sured,” will greatly add to your business image. Think seriously about buying or leasing a van for your service calls. A uniform with the name of your company emblazoned on the back, plus a late model van with your company name neatly painted on the side will do just about as much.

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And your business as a full page advertisement in the Sunday paper. On the subject of advertising, so long as you don’t erect a sign on your front lawn or your roof, proclaiming for all the world to see the fact that you’re operating a carpet cleaning business, you won’t have any problems operating your business from your home. Sooner or later though, you’ll have to buy a City or county business license. So, the sooner you do this and are approved by the licensing agency in your area, the better you’re going to feel and the more confidence you’ll exude in all your business dealings. Definitely plan to run a quarter page ad in your local business and telephone.

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