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This makes the site easier to read and doesn’t overwhelm the user. On the home page, you can find testimonials from satisfied customers, FAQs and a contact form. Related : Check out our full portfolio of website designs. 6. Rethink Iran WhatsApp Number List estate Rethought Real Estate’s website has a great blue/green color scheme. Green is mainly used to draw attention to important content. Customer testimonials appear on the homepage’s slider, allowing you to read what customers are saying about your company without leaving the homepage.

Is Different And Your

This real estate agent site also has a form you can fill out to see the value of your home. 7. Rockford Realtors Rockford Realtors’ creative design applies to the entire site. The colors used are based on the images at the top Iran WhatsApp Number List the sunset and blue house page. The home page doesn’t have a lot of written information, but there are plenty of CTAs to receive more information. In addition, there are mortgage calculators and contact forms that can be filled out. Related : Test some of our free website design tools now.

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Company Is No Exception

Homestead Realty, Inc. The site has a great feature that lets you choose an area in which to look for a home. It then takes you to another page with a map showing all the houses in the area. This company offers Iran WhatsApp Number List resources to make the home buying process easier. These resources will help potential clients not feel overwhelmed, especially during stressful times like buying/selling a home. 9.

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