Who is at the center of most companies?

This can be a dedicated CX team that proactively connects with all commercial departments. But even in smaller organizations there is always someone within marketing or product who is fighting for more customer focus. Give them the freedom and resources to live out their passion for CX, because this is the one who can connect marketing, sales and support to actually improve your CX.

For most companies

The market waits for no one Organizations and teams always struggle with prioritization. CX focus requires a change in mindset, it requires South Africa WhatsApp Number List investment and the results are not always immediately visible. So why would you want to change at all? It’s easy to hold on to what you know and what has worked in the past. And yes, it can feel risky to try new things. But the market waits for no one.

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Sales are the champions

Market conditions are changing rapidly and every day new companies are popping up where innovation is central. More often than not, those new competitors are willing to take risks, listen to their audience, and innovate and/or improve faster. Ultimately, these are the companies that will remain successful, also in the long term.

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