CES 2022 during corona

Better than physical In fact, Poly (known for its speaker phones and cameras). Disney and supermarkets have all benefited from corona. Poly, for example, has invested in new technologies to allow you to better follow a meeting from home than physically in the room. Such as by having cameras focus on the speaker and in the future also automatically taking minutes with speech to text.

Not only large

It suddenly turned out that digital was quite possible, from working from home to ordering to streaming. Services in the spotlight – CES 2022 It suddenly turns out that things are really liquid under pressure. And while only working from home Tunisia WhatsApp Number List isn’t the holy grail either, I’m personally happy with the new balance (which we’re still partially looking for). Working from home is sometimes not an option either I also realize that working from home is really not an option for many people and I apologize for the one-sided view.

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Was stuck in traffic.

Stock fillers, cleaners, bus drivers and cops on the street all have to be physically present. Perhaps a solution will be found, but it will very often also be the prelude to further digitization. Pay yourself in the supermarket, the autonomous tractor and camera surveillance. Do we want that? In the supermarket you see more and more. The possibility to pay yourself, I always use it because it is easy and there is no line. I am curious how the autonomous tractor will fall within the Dutch agricultural community.

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