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In consultation with my client, I often supply photos in 2 different formats. 1 suitable for online use and 1 for printed matter. If you get the photo as a JPG, make sure it was generated directly from a RAW or TIFF file. Then the quality is good and the photo does not have too many kBs. Need tips for a photo shoot? You can find it in my previous article .

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Good and relevant website photos Use good and relevant photos, preferably taken by a professional photographer. Those photos are relevant, and shot in a file format without loss of quality. When determining the size of your photos, consider Bahamas WhatsApp Number List the screens of your website visitors. Based on that, determine how large you will place photos on your site. Make sure you post photos at full size, so 100%. In this way, a photo is not larger than necessary in terms of KBs.

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