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It needs to be eye-catching and concise. Try hitting their emotions and pain points with your headline. For example, “This guy lost 23 pounds in eight weeks — here’s how…” is a great headline for someone trying to lose weight. Attention is everything. The design practices you implement on your pages are critical to increasing conversions! 5. Write for your target audience When describing your product to potential customers. Consider who these people are and what they are actually looking for. This will help you write more concise and persuasive descriptions. 6. Use compelling testimonials After browsing your product description, customer reviews will be the next thing they look for

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If you offer B2B, high-priced offers, consulting services, or just have a sales funnel. That requires gathering customer information, lead generation may be your number one goal. If this is the case, your PPC will need to be to convert visitors into qualifi lead for your busines. If lead generation is one of the sticking points for your website, you might Namibia WhatsApp Number List to check out our post on 8 common reasons why your website isn’t getting the leads you’re looking for! Brand awareness : Brand awarenes is not really recommend for new businesse as it is a difficult metric to track.

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Offer a variety of purchase methods After reading your product description, they either want it or they don’t. You should offer multiple payment options to make sure you don’t lose any potential customers. Some people will want to use their debit card, but others will want to use PayPal. You can even offer one of these “buy now, pay later” services. 9. Search engine optimization The internet is a big place, so if you want people to find your product. It needs to be on the first page of Google. This means using keywords heavily in the text – and following the recommended SEO guidelines for ecommerce stores.

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