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Committed to providing such services. In 2015, Netherlands Phone Number released a high-tech product. The microsoft surface flat computer. Which is in the shape of a desk, can recognize mobile phones. Transfer files, and has a small amount. Of collaborative office functions. There was a similar scene in the 2009 video. But later this product Netherlands Phone Number disappeared from. The market because of its high price and low sales. However, microsoft did not take into account the huge. Prospects of mobile office at the time. Because their mobile devices, except for notebooks and pcs, were weak. Thanks to apple and google, they opened. The door to mobile office, but microsoft is also catching up. Successfully catching up.

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Of “three screens and one cloud” and “mobile first”, coupled with the multi-platform office office suite , onedrive, onenote, outlook release, microsoft is about to rise! 8. Voice assistant the voice assistant can actually be regarded as a part Netherlands Phone Number of artificial intelligence, but the content of the artificial intelligence part to be explained below is too much and the voice assistant needs to be integrated with other products to be effective, so it has to be taken out separately. As a loyal user of microsoft products (soft fans), when i saw the voice assistant Netherlands Phone Number in the 2009 video, i said it was really too familiar.

This Logo, This Animation, Netherlands Phone Number

Netherlands Phone Number

And this text display style are exactly the Netherlands Phone Number same as the current cortana. Of course, the appearance may be the same, but the “lining” has undergone major changes. The first thing to mention is that the system behind the speech recognition system has changed from machine learning to deep learning based Netherlands Phone Number on deep neural networks. The technology of simulating human brain thinking is huge. The magnitude increases the iq level of artificial intelligence, and of course it consumes more and more computing resources, but all of this is worth it because of the improved efficiency. It is also worth noting that from the previous office use to the current assistant covering all aspects of life.

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