Complete Guide to Roi Find Out if Your Investments Have Been Efficient by Calculating This Metric

ROI is a financial metric based on the relationship between the money earned and the money invested in a specific action. It means “Return on Complete Guide to Roi Investment” or “Return on Investment”. This return calculation is widely used in marketing to validate the investments made. Marina Cordeiro Mar 2, 20 | 12 min read The only way to correctly choose the investments that a company must make is to fully understand which are the strategies that give results and are capable of bringing the business closer to its objectives.


But With So Many Customer Acquisition Complete Guide to Roi

And retention tactics, how do you know, specifically, what works best for your business? It seems complicated, doesn’t it? But the answer is to calculate Iceland Phone Number the ROI accurately and act accordingly. The great advantage is that, in Digital Marketing , this is completely possible. Do you want to know more about ROI, how to calculate it and what it is for? Stay with us, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this impressive metric! What is ROI (return on investment)?


The Term Roi is the Acronym for the

Iceland Phone Number

English expression “Return on Investment”, in Spanish Retorno Sobre la Inversión. Through this indicator, it is possible to know how much money. The company is earning (or losing) with each investment made. This includes everything that is done with the .Objective of obtaining future profits, such as marketing actions. Sales training, acquisition of management tools, new customer retention. Strategies, among others in this way, it is clear not only .Which investments are worthwhile, but also how to optimize those that are already working.

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