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That produces funny answers. Because a mortgage, that has to do with hypnotizing, right? 8. Pick out the best quotes Quotes stick around. So do you have a strong interview or research you want to share with your followers? Then pick a catchy quote and make it visual. As Psychology Magazine does: You may even be able to extract several quotes from one interview and spread them among your followers over a longer period of time.

They can’t make it more fun

Another idea: take a quote and a statement from the same interview to which people can respond: 9. Share facts and trivia In addition to quotes, you can also visualize facts, fables or facts about your subject. That is how the Heart Foundation USA WhatsApp Number List started the ‘ Hartfactjes’ section. Via Instagram Stories they share facts in the form of a question, to which followers can respond.

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But how do you creatively

The next slide provides additional text and explanation: 10. Take a look behind the scenes Why would you apply for a job as a traffic controller at the NS? And what does a scrum master actually do? To make this clear, NS employees take you on a special Instagram account during their working week. Employees post 3 photos about their work and briefly tell what they do. Then another employee takes over. Kind of like mini diaries ! In this way, the NS shows the enormous variety of job opportunities at the company.

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