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Of course you can now create content that is comparable Sri-Lanka Phone Number to that of your competitors, but admit: your content does not add anything extra for the user in such a case. The content you create is not unique. A good position in Google is often Sri-Lanka Phone Number not achieved. That’s why we want to challenge you to think further. Learn from what the competition is doing, but above all learn from what the competition is not yet doing.

Period of Much Freedom Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Learn from what the competition is doing, but above Sri-Lanka Phone Number all learn from what the competition is not yet doing To create unique and valuable content, you need to know what makes you as a party unique from the other players. What can you Sri-Lanka Phone Number do to provide an even better answer to the user’s query? Ask yourself what you would need as a visitor. For example, are you missing a certain tool or the advice of an expert? Or is a video a much better means of getting the message across than the blog articles that the competition uses? Don’t think too complicated and use common sense. Also ask your family, friends or colleagues for advice. Such a fresh view often provides you with great insights.

Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Consumption and Cultural Expression Sri-Lanka Phone Number

Step 4. Put together the ideal content formats Now Sri-Lanka Phone Number that you know which content format lends itself best to your message, the question remains whether you have access to such a format. As SEO copywriters, we often tend to use the same Sri-Lanka Phone Number content formats over and over again. Many companies use a number of standard formats. Often every article looks about the same. Standard templates give structure to your online content, but can be a hindrance for SEO copywriters. It is a clincher for creativity.

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