Content Hidden by Css and Javascript

If you need to click any button to reveal content on your site, it may not be indexed or ranked. If this content is crucial to the site, Google recommends that it be directly visible to the user, without any hindrance from either CSS or JavaScript .

14. Canonical tag
Canonical tag is a resource used by websites to tell Google when there is more than one page with the same content and which one is the main one. Thus, it prevents the search engine from penalizing your site for duplicate content.

15. Broken Links
Broken links take visitors to Error 404 pages . When there are too many broken links on the site, it frustrates the user experience and therefore Google can downgrade your pages.

16. HTML Errors

HTML errors also cause user frustration as website resources

Do not load or function properly and even make it difficult for the crawler to find.

Therefore, when the site has a lot of programming problems, Google can lower it in the ranking.

17. Page position in site architecture
A page that is close to the VP Audit Email Lists home of the website tends to win more points with Google, to the detriment of those that are submerged and even “hidden” in the architecture of the site .

18. Page Category
The category in which the page is inserted must make sense to Google. For example, a page about stoves should be in the “Appliances” category. If the categorization doesn’t match, it’s also confusing to the user, so they lose ranking points .

19. Page Age

Page age is a relevant factor for searches that

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Are not dated and do not require constant updating, such as research on the US constitution or the theory of relativity.

Although Google values ​​new content (see factor 45), this type of search may favor older pages, with more authority built over time .

20. Main Content Visibility
Pages where excessive ads hinder or prevent the visibility of the main content hinder the user experience. This also influences how the algorithm evaluates pages.

21. Use of structured data (rich snippets)
Pages that use structured data in the code tend to gain priority in Google rankings, because they become rich snippets in the SERP and improve the search experience.

It is not known if this is because they are ranking factors (Google does not confirm this) or simply because they attract more clicks and traffic.

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