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Think beyond standard content templates I advise you to let go of the standard templates for a while. Go back to basics and let your creativity speak again. Think South Africa Phone Number about which format best meets the user’s needs. Then look for the content blocks together in the CMS with which you can compose such a page. Often only a part of the available content blocks are used for the standard templates, so there is a good chance that South Africa Phone Number you think. Do you need a format that you don’t have access to? Then hook up with a colleague with the right expertise and see. You can help each other further, research whether an online tool can help you further or ask your manager for advice.

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Your colleagues also benefit from good SEO South Africa Phone Number afraid to ask for help. Step 5. Test and reuse the content formats that work Spending time determining the right content format is important. But to be able to say with 100% South Africa Phone Number a content format works, there is only one thing to do: test! Ultimately, Google is the ultimate measure of success. If you are rewarded with a high position, then you know that the content format fits well with the needs of the user.

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Is the (good) position missing? Some causes. The content format does not align well with the search intent The competition is in better shape than you in terms of SEO factors content, technology and authority. The page is not (yet) indexed (well) by Google In the latter case. Use Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool to have your page indexed by Google faster. Turn your content format into a success formula Have you found a content format that works well for you. Capturing a specific search intent? Then research whether there are more interesting keywords with similar search intent and use your new content format to capture those terms. This is how you turn your content format into a real success formula! This article has been checked by the SEO panel.

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