Create A Company Profile On Instagram Step By Step

A good strategy on Instagram if you want to boost your brand is to create a company profile on Instagram . If you don’t know how to create your Instagram Companies , I’ll tell you step by step. In addition, at the end you have a video where I explain it to you in a very simple way. You no longer have excuses to create your Instagram profile for companies, and get the most out of it for your Social Media Marketing strategy and include it in the design of your Social Media Plan . Let’s start! What is Instagram Companies or company profile on Instagram When you created your Instagram account before, you started with a personal account, since there was no other possibility to create an Instagram account. But for some time Instagram has dedicated a space for companies within this social network.

That An Instagram Company Profile

Thus, he created company profiles on Instagram , and the perfect space for brands on Instagram. They are like Facebook company pages or Facebook fanpage. Benefits of having a business profile on Instagram Here we have 3 main differences: First, company profiles have a configuration similar to fan pages on Facebook. They have contact buttons : how to get there, call and send email. You should know is linked to a brazil phone number fan page on Facebook in a mandatory way , we will see why. Second, the company profile on Instagram shows us statistics within the App itself. If you want to know more, this post tells you what Instagram statistics are like . Third, with Instagram Companies we can make ads on Instagram , also ads for Stories. Ads on Instagram are made from the Facebook Ads Manager.

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brazil phone number

How To Create A Business Profile On Instagram

Let’s see how to create an Instagram business profile step by step : Create your Instgaram account if you haven’t created it yet. Go to the menu with three lines in the upper right, and go to settings. There, look for the option to switch to business account . Instagram will tell you that the BS Leads information I have shared with you on the advantages of creating a company profile on Instagram. Next, choose which Facebook business page you want to link your future Instagram business account to. Remember, as I said before, that you can only link 1 to 1. Now all you have to do is configure your company page on Instagram so that it looks professional. Instagram companies: how to use Instagram for your company Now all you have to do is optimize your business account on Instagram.

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