Create Trust in the Lead From the Beginning

Another major change in consumer behavior that deserves to be on the radar concerns influence.

Anyone who thinks that an Influencer Marketing strategy needs to have ambassadors with more than millions of followers and who cover more than five digits, is simply wrong.

Every day, influence is more linked to relevant and informed content produced by specialists . Also, word of mouth marketing is not dead — and here comes the importance of after- sales work .

Among other things, it requests testimonials and evaluations of the products sold. Showing real people (regardless of their number of followers) who are satisfied with your product is a way to gain the lead’s trust early on, which can speed up decision-making and shorten the sales cycle.

4. Don’t let the price be a surprise element

How many times have you abandoned an online shopping cart yourself when you get to the last checkout step only to realize, right at the final hour, that there is an additional fee?

The General Manager Email List price can not be a surprise element, and this includes even the shipping and handling costs .

That counts a lot to build trust and establish a bond with your lead. Always keep in mind that the idea is to reduce the sales cycle without sacrificing the relationship with the client . For this, transparency is essential.

5. Develop a lead scoring

General Manager Email List

Lead scoring is a methodology that proposes to classify leads. To ensure that they are truly qualified to the point of passing them on to the sales team .

The idea is that the team assigns differentiated scores through. Certain actions, such as: visiting the price page, downloading. An ebook, opening an email, viewing video content and more.

That technique allows for faster identification of who is ready for. The next step in the nutrition flow , as well as what content is best suited to offer.

In addition to determining who is most likely to engage with each. Piece of content, the practice allows for better distribution of efforts by marketing and sales teams.

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