Customer Service In Social Networks: Management Of Complaints

How to use social networks in customer service? Social networks are not only a channel for attracting customers and potential customers, but it is also a Customer Service channel . It is a place where the user, who is not happy with the service or product we have, expresses his complaint publicly, and shares it on his social networks. This is a benefit if the sentiment is positive towards the brand, but it is also a problem if it is negative, because it harms our brand.

Not only are we going to be able to lose a potential client, but all the users who believe in the version of the person our product or our service. Customer Service is very important, especially in recent years, and is associated with the development of social networks as a means of mass communication . All the people who buy products or services are in social networks, in one or the other; the fact is that it is one more channel, an easily accessible channel.

Who Is Publicly Complaining About

Where the user can complain about our brand , and make it public and share it with his entire community of followers, which is a real danger in the event that there is a negative complaint towards what we sell. Customer Support Social networks as a usa business email list channel for Customer Service crisis-plan-in-social-networks-steps-protocol Social networks are not specially controlled channels at the management level, where there is a specific channel for Customer Service.

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The management of Customer Service in social networks is very broad. Just as they can complain on your blog, they can go to your Facebook wall. They can go to their Instagram, their Twitter channel, and tag the brand complaining about it. They can create a Stories tagging the brand where they complain in video. About the last product or service that we have given you. Therefore, social networks are a channel where the controls are not as closed and are not. As guaranteeing for the brand, but rather more guaranteeing for the user.

Customer Service In Social Networks

That is why it is important to manage it well and correctly. direct complaints. The complaints that occur as are mainly direct complaints towards. The brand, where it is also a question of involving the most representative community to amplify. The message, and that the complaint reaches a greater number of possible users. Thus, it is not a complaint that can be made to the OCU in a formal way. With some steps and procedures. But rather more informal complaints, but which have a direct negative impact on the management of the brand itself.

Complaints that seek the social echo of the community Complaints on social networks. Customer Service are especially directed, not so much at the brand itself directly. Because they know that the echo will surely be less, but rather they are essentially directed at the community. That is to say, if this product or service has worked badly for me with this brand. I am going to tell it so that the rest of my community knows which brand not to buy anymore. They will go to the competition. Therefore, it is a good way to blow up, so to speak. The digital market, expressing a complaint on social networks .

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