Dachang competes for the top music, is “Jay Chou” enough?

While netizens are “carnival”, online music platforms, short video platforms and China Mobile’s Migu Music are all making a big fuss about the new album.

After losing the copyright advantage, the competition in the music field between online music platforms and short video platforms will become more intense, and the enthusiasm of the giants to take the opportunity to expand their business territory continues unabated.

In this battle for internet traffic, whether the music in “The Greatest Works” is really “great” seems less relevant.

1. There is only one Jay Chou in the Chinese music scene

Since his debut album “JAY” in 2000, every time Jay Chou releases a new work, it will be a “big event” sweeping the Chinese music scene, and this time is no exception.

The first title, “The Greatest Work”, is the most thoughtful song in the entire album. The lyrics and music are still imaginative, and no one in the Chinese music world can write this kind of song, but the chorus is a little dull.

The second title “Still Wandering” is the most enduring. The drums and rhythm in it are really layered. The chorus and interlude are a bit like “Shanghai 1943”, with a touch of memory, suitable for late-night single looping.

However, the surprise of the new album is just that. I expected him to be innovative in “Chinese style”, but “Frosty Beauty” did not improve. This album is a more perfunctory one in Jay Chou’s career. There are some bright spots, but for fans who have listened to him for 22 years, there is one word: light.

Many people have a paranoid expectation that he should be like Luo Dayou, Li Zongsheng, Cui Jian and other predecessors, after middle-aged, he should carry a greater pattern of the times and thoughts in his music, give him a greater imagination, and keep his works in a better Albania Phone Number place. much history.

Music platform “divide” Jay Chou

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After the release of the new album, many music fans sighed on social media that “the new year is ahead of schedule”. The whole network is paying attention to Jay Chou, and some attention has been separated from the music itself. Regardless of the quality of the new songs, and whether Zhou Lang is really talented or not, Jay Chou’s new album itself has become a traffic feast that all parties compete for.

On the night of the release of the new album, eight of the top ten hot topics in the micro-search entertainment section were related to Jay Chou. The Internet platform that cooperates most closely with Jay Chou is undoubtedly Tencent TME Group, and its QQ Music is naturally the guest of honor in this traffic feast.

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