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Degree of network nation, coordination. And fragmentation of the market has increased. As for the flattening of organizations, it has Cambodia Phone Number been the “holy grail” for all management. Researchers and practitioners. Since the day management began. Participatory management, high-commitment system. High-performance Cambodia Phone Number culture, workout, open-book management, etc., all kinds of best practices are ever-changing and intricate. Management realm. Correspondingly, difference is that the internet provides better technical conditions for flat management, and flat management is more in line with the values ​​of the new generation of young people who grew up in the internet age.

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Correspondingly, is amoeba-style Cambodia Phone Number management (including logic-like micro and fission-style entrepreneurship, etc.), which looks beautiful, but while achieving strong incentives for small teams. It often loses only Cambodia Phone Number large teams, great division of labor and great. Collaboration can only make super-profits. Whether it is cost-effective or not, must be carefully. Considered, and cannot be simply generalized (refer to my essay. Integrated management and amoeba”). Therefore, last summer, when zhang ruimin. Came out and talked about using internet thinking to subvert taylor’s scientific management. Weber’s bureaucracy, and fayol’s general management, it caused a lot of controversy in the industry.

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Cambodia Phone Number

Correspondingly, scientific management Cambodia Phone Number specialized division of labor. The core of bureaucracy is to obey the command of the superior. The essence of general management to plan first and then implement. Two or more people work together. These all coordination mechanisms that must used. It may said Cambodia Phone Number that subversion? Some commentators noticed that when zhang ruimin talked about internet thinking, the 2013 annual reports of various companies had just come out. Haier’s total profit of 6.2 billion had already surpassed by midea’s 7.3 billion and gree’s 10.8 billion. What is even more thought-provoking is that, according to media reports, after the launch of the so-called “small and micro enterprises.

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