Despite the Growth of Electronic Commerce in Mexico , Colombia and Other Latin American

It is necessary to consider the generalized retraction of consumption. In times of crisis, no one wants to overspend.

Therefore, many stores tend to perceive a change in customer buying behavior , a concern to reduce spending.

For example: discounts and promotions will be more sought after and customers will seek more security so as not to make mistakes in the purchase .

In addition, observe the change in behavior in relation to the most demanded categories at this time.

While most are shrinking, some are in higher demand, as routines have changed due to the pandemic and consumers expect to spend more on groceries, children’s products, personal care and household items.

How Can Your Company Be Useful to the Consumer at This Time?

We know that your business may be going through a difficult time, like other companies, due to cost containment by customers. All you do now is look at your cash and finances, right?

But perhaps the IT Directors Managers Email Lists best way out at that time is to look outwards, towards the consumer.

So you can interpret what is happening in the market, in people’s minds, and understand how your business can be useful. By being consumer-centric , you will probably find ways to improve the situation.

It is with a focus on consumer behavior that we realize the need to migrate our efforts to the Internet. After all, that is where they are buying.

Likewise, you can also perceive which categories are most in demand to meet the current needs of people.

With our eyes on consumers, we can understand that

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It is necessary to adapt the tone of marketing , respecting the scenario they are experiencing. You cannot disconnect your marketing actions from the context of the pandemic.

If you had planned campaigns that touch on sensitive issues at the time — encouraging crowds, for example — you need to rethink them out of respect for collective health.

Therefore, before thinking about any optimization in your e-commerce, you need to review and adjust your initiatives in the context of the pandemic.

How to adapt to changing consumption priorities? How to offer security, comfort, well-being in a period of such vulnerability? These are the questions you should consider now.

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