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Institutions The site is pretty straightforward, with one option first being a search engine that allows you to find the properties you want in the area, community or even school. The agency used a number of boxes with Jordan WhatsApp Number List to display different messages and also used a striking red color. 34. Bramante Group This site is a great example as it is a very attractive house picture in the hero title. It also has a good introduction to the owner and team members.

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You can browse properties in different locations on the homepage to see which properties are coming on the market and the market is hot. 35. Ashby & Graff Real Estate The site is simple, with a lot of white space and not so Jordan WhatsApp Number List pictures. Their focus is on written content and a good explanation of who they are and what they do. They are virtual real estate, so a video is provided to explain it. There’s an accessibility feature, as well as a help button with many questions where you can receive answers or ask your own questions.

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Alex Fera Realtor This real estate agent website is very simple, with tiny fonts and a lot of white space. There is a slider with different information on it, which keeps the page simple and overwhelms the reader. The first thing Jordan WhatsApp Number List the page is a contact form to find out what your home is worth. Also, there is one at the bottom of the page. 37. Josh V. Real Estate Josh V. Realty does a great job of providing information to readers.

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