Digital Public Relations: How to Boost Your Brand With This Strategy

Digital public relations introduce new forms of communication that you can take advantage of to converse with your audience. Learn how to use this strategy to strengthen your marketing actions.

If you work in the business world, surely you have heard about public relations (pr). However, the rules of the game have changed for strategies that were usually carried out offline.

Taking into account the speed with which the digital transformation took hold in many processes after the covid-19 pandemic , we will understand why digital public relations have taken giant steps to renew its traditional version and get closer to users who are permanently connected.

Do you want to know more about this evolution and the possibilities it brings to companies? Join us and understand why digital public relations are essential to explore different communication opportunities in an increasingly digital market.

What is Digital Public Relations?

Digital public relations (or digital pr, for the acronym in english ‘ digital public relations’). Is a strategy that seeks to create a positive impression of a brand in digital media. Build its reputation and consolidate its online presence .

Like traditional pr, digital public relations aims to increase a brand’s exposure. Only this is happening in a growing media offering.

Therefore, digital public relations pursue the same objective. With the advantage that they have new tactics, platforms and tools to grow. The Quality Directors Email Lists digital footprint of a brand. Through interaction with other key players in the sector such as:

Blog ;
Podcasts ;
Web directories;
News sites;
Social networks;
Now, write this down: a well-executed digital pr strategy allows you to deliver a highly targeted message to increase your brand exposure . And what is even more interesting, being able to influence the perception of your audience.

The Transformation of Traditional Public Relations in a Digitized World

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According to karina ortíz , public relations remained static in countries like mexico, colombia and argentina until the arrival of the digital transformation. This was the breaking point that forced the sector to reinvent itself.

And it is that although traditional pr is still valid, it faces certain difficulties in the digital age, since it was literally designed in a different era. For the sample:

In the traditional model, communication is unilateral , that is, a message is generated and the audience consumes it without being able to choose or express their opinion. In digital pr you launch a message and it can be manipulated or co-created with consumers or, rather, prosumers ;
Traditional pr focuses on product updates and announcements. However, smes or small startups typically have one or two announcements to make each year. Therefore, it can be difficult to get media coverage using the traditional model.

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