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Let’s find out in this article! 5 SEO Benefits of Video Transcription 1. Higher SEO rankings Benefits of Transcription – Higher SEO Rankings(Source: pixabay ) Video content works much differently than written content when it comes to SEO ranking . Google evaluates video content differently because it is unable to analyze its content. Transcripts are a great solution as they prevent the script content from being lost, meaning your transcription always contains keywords that can be positioned and tracked. Moreover, when scanning your video content, Google will pay attention to other important information.

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The more Google AI analyzes your video content, the more relevant it will be to your customers. Also, if you provide the right keywords, Google will empower your content by classifying it as relevant Portugal Phone Number List and increasing its SEO ranking. For example, Happyscribe’s transcription services work hand-in-hand with Google AI to help Google recognize good video content. Plus, personalized vocabulary, time and speaker markers, and a 5-minute turnaround time are available! 2. Increase website traffic and revenues Transcripts are text-based captions that can be seen in video and audio files. As we mentioned, search engines cannot listen to audio or watch video, but they can analyze the text they contain.

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Putting An Image With No

Transcription converts the spoken content into text, which allows search engines to rank your site. A video may have a title or even a description, but this will remain invisible to search engine robots. To solve this problem, you can post transcripts on the page so that Google can analyze what you are talking about. 16% of sites increase revenue simply BS Leads because they provide transcription services in their videos. Additionally, radio show “This American Life” (TAL) saw a visitor increase of over 6% when it started using transcription services in its audio material and posted these transcripts online! In short, it increased their inbound traffic and Google was able to analyze how their content works.

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